If you can imagine it,
we can print it.

Vertia is a brand of Raroa Holdings Ltd and is 100% New Zealand owned company formed in 2014. We have and continue to invest in technology with the recent purchases of new, advanced machinery.

Vertia being ONLY a brand of the organisation, is a fresh look of the company with heaps of experience over the period of 20 years in the industry.

Graphic Design

You’ll know from your first visit to Vertia that graphic design isn’t an afterthought at our business. Our team of experienced graphic designers are schooled not just in prepress, but the entire creative process. That means we meet with you to understand your business or organization and its aims, then the requirements of your design job. At Vertia, we see these going hand-in-hand.
We can take you right from the initial concepts, where we create smart, clean and exciting designs that will get you noticed, through to making sure everything is right for the press.

That’s the advantage of having designers and printers under the same roof, working closely together: everything we create is print-friendly.

That means there’s no extra charge in altering files to make them print-ready—we’ve built that in to the work from day one. We’ll keep an eye on the images to make sure they’re going to look sharp on the printed page. We provide full-colour, accurate proofs for you to sign off, and since we know the workflow, we can stick to our guaranteed turnaround dates.



If you can imagine it, we can print it. With leading technology in multi-colour, single-colour, large-format and inkjet printers we can provide the most cost-effective print solutions for your requirements.
Our printing encompasses jobs from fliers and menus to full-colour magazines and hefty business directories. It’s not just the printing: Vertia has full prepress services, and finishes, binds, laminates, scans and dispatches. Our unparalleled experience in the latest print technologies means we can offer you cost-effective solutions, sometimes ones you might not have considered. 

We can customize printing jobs right down to the single unit using databases, so each one of your recipients gets a unique product. Whether you’re after stationery (cards, letterheads, envelopes, forms, pads, labels), marketing collateral (fliers, brochures, newsletters, calendars, diaries), or official documentation (training manuals, presentation materials, books), or something even more sophisticated (full-colour glossy magazines, coffee-table books), we have the newest, cutting-edge solutions with prices that will impress you.
With our long history in digital printing, we arguably know more about the possibilities this brings than our competitors. We even do inkjet and large-format printing, as well as offset.

Vertia has even won Pride in Print awards thanks to the quality of its work. We believe in delivering the best solutions for the best price—and you can see some of these on our website.

It’s no wonder, since we take pride not just in our printing, but our finishing, right through to guaranteed turnaround dates for delivery


Finishing and Dispatching

It’s all very well printing nicely, but what about making sure that the job feels right when your clients pick it up? Vertia ensures that every print job is properly finished, and that means proper binding and trimming. Hole punching, perfect binding, stapling, stitching, scoring, perforations, and other techniques—we’ll make sure that a job meets every one of your specs. We can UV-coat or laminate, even package your jobs.

And if dispatching proves too time-consuming for you, let us take care of it, too. We can make sure that your printed material is dispatched to recipients on your database in a cost-effective way, saving you the trouble of collecting, storing and sending on. We can monitor your stock levels internally, and let you know when a new order is needed.



Many companies use the words branding and rebranding as though they were synonymous with design. We don’t. At Vertia, we understand that a brand is the expression of everything that you are, whether you’re a large business or a non-profit organization. A brand must communicate, differentiate, and symbolize. It’s why when you engage Vertia for a branding or rebranding job, we make sure we understand who you are and what you’re trying to achieve. 

What Vertia is about, in everything that we do, is understanding the customer first. Who you are and your requirements.
We’ll ask you whether your brand needs to be communicated first among your team before it goes out to the general public. And we’ll craft a solution that’s unique, strong and eye-catching, that meets all your aims.